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Xiaomi launched a New smart bracelet with color screen

The Asian mobile company surprised with a bracelet that competes with the Mi Band 3.

The Chinese firm has made a good reputation in the segment of physical activity wristbands. Well, the firm has surprised everyone with the launch of a new bracelet of intelligent activity, which comes with a color screen as a standout feature compared to the rest of the bracelets of the firm. We will know all the features of this new Xiaomi Black Plus.

Xiaomi Black Plus, with NFC and color screen

This new bracelet arrives shortly after the Xiaomi MI Band 3 was presented last May, so it will be a complementary product to the Chinese bracelet. In this case it also has an OLED screen. but with the big difference that this is full color, with a size of 0.95 inches and a resolution of 240×120 pixels. In this way we have a differential element with respect to the My Band 3, although surprisingly it does not mean a rise in the cost of the bracelet.

Design of the new Xiaomi Black Plus bracelet

Another aspect that highlights this bracelet is in the connectivity. Since it has integrated NFC, which will allow us to make payments in stores through gateways such as Google Pay. In addition there is no lack of Wifi or bluetooth connectivity, being also compatible with Zigbee, the standard of home automation that would allow us to control other devices in our home such as bulbs or plugs compatible with this technology.

This new Xiaomi Black Plus bracelet can measure heart rate as well as physical activity thanks to a three-axis Skylark sensor. In addition, and more importantly, thanks to its large color screen, we can see WhatsApp messages and other notifications on your screen. Regarding autonomy, it also has excellent specifications. Since this new bracelet can be on for 18 days in a row with a single charge, despite having a color screen. We can also use it in the water, since it can be submerged up to 50 meters.

It will be on sale next September 20 in China, where it will have a price of 30 euros to change, similar to that of the Xiaomi Mi Band 3, offering undoubtedly some better features than this one.

Xiaomi launches a home automation switch to enjoy connected home for 12 euros

Home automation is increasingly present in our homes, as it is becoming easier to access this type of features with cheap products and little structural impact in our home. So little that thanks to wireless connections it is not even necessary to make any installation. As in the case of the device that concerns us today, and that offers us a different way of controlling an essential aspect of housing, such as lighting. It is a switch similar to those on the walls of our house, but you can take any of this to use it.

Features of Xiaomi Aqara Wireless

This is the name of this new Xiaomi product, which in collaboration with the firm Aqara have launched a new portable switch, which allows us to enjoy it anywhere in the house. This is compatible with ZigBee devices, which is a domotic standard by which devices of different types can be controlled by switches like the one we are familiar with today. In this way the wireless connection that allows to control these devices is completely independent of the wireless connectivity of the house. Something that in turn supposes a plus of security for this infrastructure, which is beyond the reach of hackers, a priori.

With this switch we can control various domestic products at home

This switch resembles a traditional wall switch, but it does not work in the same way, since it is not a key, but is controlled by pulsations. These pulsations can be expressed as a single, double or long pulse. There is another model, with double pulsation, that allows to make up to seven different actions based on the different pulsations that we make on this wireless panel. In this way we can automate many more processes and control more devices in our home.

The autonomy of these buttons is quite broad, offering up to two years of battery life. In addition, they are not expensive push buttons, since the single key version is 12 euros, and the double key version is 13 euros, a fairly tight price for what they offer. Of course, as we said before, we must bear in mind that it is only compatible with the ZigBee standard, otherwise it will not do us any good at home.


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