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Why is Microsoft making so many flaws in the latest Windows 10 updates?

Microsoft’s Windows 10 is an operating system that already carries on the computers of millions of users around the world, more than three years, a figure that is increasing while leaving other older versions of the system.

However, this growth of Windows 10 is taking place at a much slower pace than the maximum responsible for the firm would like, much slower than expected at first. This is largely due to the enormous success and acceptance that once had Windows 7, for many the best version of the operating system of the Redmond, which has never been. In fact at the moment and as proof of all this, say that after more than three years, the penetration figures of Windows 10 and Windows 7 are still very even, for “misfortune” of Microsoft.

Curiously, the firm has found at home its biggest enemy in its eagerness to get Windows 10 to achieve market penetration that was marked from birth, even taking measures to discredit their own software antiquated. But of course, Windows 7 has just over a year and a half to stop receiving support from the firm, at least without paying, which should be a turning point for the growth of the latest version.

success of the already mythical Windows 7, we must add the distrust that Windows 10 has been generating among a good number of users, distrust largely accumulated by privacy regarding the processing of personal data that Microsoft has implemented in the operating system itself. This is something that over the years has not stopped generating a multitude of controversies, and that this telemetry has descended substantially in more current versions.

Windows 10 still does not have the acceptance expected by Microsoft

One of the main strengths with which the firm plays to constantly improve Windows 10, is based on constant updates, both through the cumulative releases every month in the Patch Tuesday, as the most important that are sent every six months. In fact, at this moment we are waiting for the newto be sent in a few days October 2018 Update, whilewas launched shortly before the summer April 2018.

These, as expected, are loaded with new features and improvements to existing ones, all to gain the trust of users, and at the same time attract new ones.

To this we must add that the firm is already in full development of another important update that is expected to reach the whole world in the first months of 2019, which for the moment is known as the Redstone 6. Therefore and at this point, we could say that yes, Microsoft is accumulating the work of improvement Windows 10 but, could this be affecting the quality and reliability of the shipments that are made at this time ?, it seems that yes.

We say this because the errors and failures that are being committed in the latest updates sent by the firm for Windows 10 have been increasing in a somewhat alarming way, as we have been checking in recent months. It is possible that those of Redmond in their eagerness to offer an product improvedin a smaller space of time, are neglecting some aspects more of the day to day, as it is the mentioned reliability of the constant updates that are sent, as much to the final users, as to the Insiders.

Microsoft increasingly makes more mistakes with Windows 10 updates

Serve as an example that the firm has been forced to relaunch updates that were already on our computers for several weeks, as well as problems related to something as important as the Specter vulnerability, something what Mainly affected the KB4100347 Windows 10.

Atsame time, these days also have seen how firm based in Redmond has sent one of his last cumulative, the KB4457128,although this should become effective on computers usersuntil they no Tomasen in the matter, all because of something as basic as problems with the reboot of the system. But these failures on children’s occasions, in others not so much, are not limited to the current versions of Windows 10, but they are also looking at future ones, for example, with the Redstone 6, as the serious problems recognized in the compilation 18237 that a few days ago they did reach the Insiders.

That is why Microsoft should perhaps take things a little more calmly, since in their eagerness to win followers of Windows 10, they are achieving the opposite effect in some cases. And it is that seen the information of failures and errors detected in these updates continuously, many users are beginning to wait a few days before updating their equipment until theare corrected foreseeable faults that are going to be found initially, since become a tonic.

And that’s not all, but we can also call attention to the fact that, earlier this month, the company made available to the entire world, a an unstable version of the test directed to your Insider program, with the danger for the teams that may have installed these versions of Windows 10, as the companions informed.

It is more, to further aggravate the distrust that sometimes generates this signature among many of its customers, we can not forget the controversy generated this week when trying to interrupt the installation of web browsers such third-partyas Chrome or Firefox, all to promote the use of their proposal, Edge.



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