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Where to download the best free 4K wallpapers for Windows

It is increasingly common to find ourselves with 4K monitors for our computer, monitors that offer a resolution far superior to the classic Full HD 1920 × 1080 to enjoy more of our series, movies and video games. The main problem we can find when using a 4K monitor at 3840 x 2160 resolution is to find a suitable wallpaper, since backgrounds at 1920 × 1080 tend to look pretty bad. Therefore, in this article we will explain how to download free 4K wallpapers for use on our computer.

In the network we can find a lot of websites to download and use 4K wallpapers, some pages have payment funds, but many others allow us to view and download the wallpapers completely free of charge.

Before entering the web pages in question, if we have Windows 10 in the Microsoft Store we can find several applications, such as Wallpapers 4K, that will allow us to download from a UWP all kinds of UHD wallpapers from a single place, funds that we will find in different categories, such as animals, nature, abstract, anime, cars and motorcycles, among other categories, and from which we can see the background, download it in 4K and even configure it directly as wallpaper from the application.

The best websites to download free 4K wallpapers

We can not start talking about pages to download wallpapers, or any type of image, without starting with DeviantArt. This is one of the most well-known social platforms in which all kinds of artists and enthusiasts share their creations with the world.

As in any other page, in DeviantArt we can find all kinds of wallpapers in 4K resolution. For this we have to do a simple search of what we are looking for and, when we open a fund, look at the resolution that appears. If this is 3840 x 2160, then we can already download the 4K background to our computer to use it as we want.

Another interesting website to download 4K wallpapers is FreeJPG.In this web we will find a large number of images of all kinds, with a search engine and several categories, in high resolution, images that we can download without cost to our computer and use them as wallpaper. At the time of downloading the images we can see their original resolution, and all those that are higher than 3840 x 2160 pixels will be ready to be used in 4K, although we will have to adjust them as explained in the next point.

Another website where we will find UHD wallpapers is unsplash. In this website we can find all kinds of wallpapers, from HD wallpapers for any desktop to wallpapers for Android, iPhone and, of course, 4K wallpapers. In addition to categories, we will also have a search engine to search for images that we want manually.

Another great source of 4K wallpaper is Wallhaven. In this website we will also be able to find a large amount of wallpapers for all resolutions, from FullHD to 4K, even higher. This website offers a search engine to search for specific funds, as well as a series of categories that will allow us to find the best funds, tempt luck with a random fund and even upload our own funds to share them with others.

If you want real photographs taken by professional photographers in very high quality you can not stop going for Pexels. In this web we will be able to find a large collection of wallpapers of all kinds of resolutions, from FullHD for normal screens to 4K images that we can download for free on our computer.

Another alternative to download 4K wallpapers for Windows is WallpapersCraft. In this website we will be able to find a large amount of very high quality funds, and can also filter by different categories, and even filter by resolution, being able to find funds just for the resolution we want, funds that will fit perfectly to our desktop.

WallpapersHome is the last of the alternatives that we are going to recommend to download 4K funds for our computer. This page also has a very complete collection of funds and allows us to search for specific concepts as well as to navigate through its different categories depending on what we are looking for. On this website we can find up to 8K wallpapers, in case the 4K resolution is too small for our monitor.

How to put a 4K background in our computer

Once we have downloaded the 4K background that we want to use in Windows, we will surely have it in our computer in a file that can have a PNG or JPG extension.

Starting from that we are using Windows 10, to change our desktop background and put a 4K, what we should do is open the Settings menu and go to the “Personalization> Background” section.

Here we are going to be able to configure the type of background we want to use (in our, an image), and by means of thebutton “Browse” we will look for this background in our computer, that surely we have saved it either in the folder “Downloads” or in the “Desk”.

Once the background we want to use has been selected, we will only have to choose the appropriate setting. Windows 10 offers the following settings:

  • Fill: Fill the screen with the background respecting proportions, although if it is larger than the resolution we will see only a piece.
  • Adjust: adjusts the background in its original resolution to the screen. If this resolution is lower than that of the monitor we will see colored stripes.
  • Expand: expands the background to fit the screen, but does not respect the proportions.
  • Mosaic: if the background is smaller than the resolution, fill it with copies of it.
  • Center: center the background on the desk. If it is smaller than the resolution it creates a border around it.
  • Extend: extends the background to use it in its original resolution. If it is bigger than the resolution we will see only a piece of it.

We already have our 4K wallpaper on the computer.



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