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The most successful Youtubers in 2018 on the video platform?

These youtubers have millions of followers and their bank accounts reached eight figures.

All of these are young or even children, as is the case with Ryan. With only eight years old, this year he became the “best paid” youtuber in the world with US $ 22 million thanks to his channel Ryan ToysReview.

But who shares the list with Ryan on YouTube? These are the “youtubers” that won the most in 2018, according to Forbes magazine.

10. Logan Paul: US $ 14,500,000

Logan Paul is American and is 23 years old. He became famous on the Vine digital platform before moving to YouTube, where he has some 18 million subscribers.

Last August, he starred in a boxing match with another Youtube star, the British KSI, which ended in a draw but which was described as “the biggest event in the history of the internet”.

Paul also caused outrage earlier this year by showing in one of his videos the body of a person who had apparently committed suicide in Japan.

It fell six positions in the ranking of “youtubers” better paid with respect to last year.

9. PewDiePie: US $ 15,500,000

His real name is Felix Kjellberg. He is Swedish and is 29 years old. And his YouTube channel where he comments with humor about video games is the one that has the most subscribers in the world: 74 million.

He also received criticism for making anti-Semitic jokes and including racist insults in some of his videos. PewDiePie denied being a racist, but apologized for the words used.

This year, it lost three places in the list of “youtubers” better paid with respect to 2018.

8. Jacksepticeye: US $ 16,000,000

Seán William McLoughlin is Irish and is 28 years old.

On his channel Jacksepticeye, he talks about video games and defines himself as “the most energetic videogame commentator on YouTube,” according to HuffingtonPost.

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He also publishes short humor stories. It has 20 million followers and is the most watched channel in Ireland.

McLoughlin debuts this year in the group of the top 10 paid on YouTube.

7. Vanoss Gaming: US $ 17,000,000

Behind Vanoss Gaming is the Canadian Evan Fong, 26 years old.

In his YouTube channel he also comments on video games and produces content with collaborators where the animations are protagonists. It has 23 million subscribers.

It fell five places in the ranking of “youtubers” better paid with respect to last year.

6. Markiplier: US $ 17,500,000

Mark Edward Fischbach, a 29-year-old American, is the creator of Markiplier, a website with 22 million followers.

He is known for his comments on video games that include screaming, cursing and even crying.

He lost two positions in the ranking of best paid on YouTube with respect to 2017.

5. Jeffree Star: US $ 18,000,000

Jeffree Star is a multi-faceted celebrity: famous on the internet, makeup artist, entrepreneur and singer-songwriter.

Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr, his real name, was born in the United States 33 years ago.

On YouTube he started making videos to promote his cosmetic products. Currently, it has 11 million subscribers.

And in 2018, managed to sneak for the first time in the list of the best paid on YouTube.

4. DanTDM: US $ 18,500,000

Daniel Robert Middleton is the person in charge of the YoutubeDanTDM channel, which has 20 million followers.

This 27-year-old British man is famous for posting videos of himself playing video games like Minecraft and making funny challenges.

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Dan started his channel while working at the Tesco supermarket chain six years ago.

This year it fell 3 positions in the ranking of best paid on YouTube with respect to 2017.

3. Dude Perfect: US $ 20,000,000

Unlike your fellow “youtubers” list who won the most in 2018, Dude Perfect does not have a single name and last name behind it.

This channel, with 36 million subscribers, is made up of five skilled people in sports and entertainment

They are the Americans Coby and Cory Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones and Tyler Toney. And together they already scored several Guinness records with their skills.

They are also the only ones to remain in the same position of better paid with respect to 2017.

2. Jake Paul: US $ 21,600,000

Jake Paul is American and is 21 years old.

And like his brother, Logan Paul, Jake is also a celebrity on the Internet: First posting videos on Vine and then on YouTube, where he has 17 million subscribers.

Jake Paul has also worked as an actor and gained popularity in playing the role of Dirk in the Disney Channel’s Bizaardvark series.

Unlike in 2017, its YouTube channel climbed six positions in the list of the best paid.

1. Ryan Toys Review: US $ 22,000.00

But the one who made more money thanks to the YouTube platform in 2018 is a boy of only 8 years: Ryan.

Ryan ToysReview publishes videos almost every day and talks about toys.

When the American news network NBC asked why the children liked watching their videos, Ryan replied: “Because I am entertaining and fun.”

Ryan’s YouTube channel was the most ranked among the highest paid and ranked first this year. It has 17 million subscribers.


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