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Spotify: Now You can use free subscriptions of Spotify to Connect speakers

Now You don’t have to pay to play on wireless speakers

With Spotify Connect you can play music on Spotify in different connected devices of our house, like Google Home or Amazon Echo, among many others.

Users of free Spotify subscriptions every time access more features

Something that until now was only possible for users who had a subscription to Spotify Premium. Well, from now on users with a free account can also play music on these wireless devices. Of course, it will be the manufacturers of the audio devices that will have to update their firmware to work with the free Spotify accounts. While that does not happen, the restriction will remain active.

The latest update that has arrived at Chromecast integrates the multiroom function

Google’s Chromecast is one of the most popular devices of the brand, in as much as it has managed to convert our old TVs into authentic Smart TV, and our old speakers in their intelligent namesake. Well, now we can go further, and play the same content on several speakers at once with different Chromecast. All thanks to an update that activates the Multiroom function. A feature that is very simple to activate in a Chromecast. For this we must manage the speakers from the Google Home app.

Ride a real musical thread at home in seconds

As we are told from Topes de Gama, with this latest update, we can create groups of speakers connected to Chromecast, to synchronize all the same content and play it simultaneously.

From Google Home we can create speaker groups
We must download the Google Home app, to run it later and create a group with all the Chromecast that we want to simultaneously play the same content, for example a Spotify song. Once the group is created, when we are playing that content, we will have to select the group that we have created as speakers. And as if by magic we will hear the same thing in all the speakers at the same time.


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