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Now you to chat with local businesses on Google Maps soon

The Google Map application will now allow us to communicate instantly with businesses.

The application of maps and navigation of Google is one of the app used by mobile users. It is essential both when we travel and when we are planning to exit. And one of the most surprising functions that will come in the coming weeks is the chats, which will reduce the distance between users of the app and local businesses. A new feature that has just announced Google and that will undoubtedly change completely the way we relate to these, let’s get to know it.

Chats arrive on Google Maps

As announced by Google, the new “messages” section will soon reach Google Maps, with all that this implies. Companies increasingly seek to contact their customers through instant communication such as chats. In fact, a good example of this trend is that of WhatsApp Business, which has been created precisely for this purpose. Well, this new feature adds a button in the side drop-down menu, called “messages” and that allows us to chat directly with a business that has enabled this function.

Google Maps messages

The new section where you will find the Google Maps Messages

In such a way that when we look for a business in the map application, we can click on the “messages” button to start a conversation with that business. Therefore, to reserve a table in the restaurant, or for any other query related to the activity of the business, we can resort to instant chat. As seen in the image, this chat will work like any other messaging app, although initially, the main message will be, and not emoticons or other types of multimedia content that are more typical of informal conversations.

In this case the chats will have a more serious character and linked to the activity of the business. This new feature will come within a very short time to users of the Android app as well as iOS. Business owners will also have to update their Google Maps My Business app to activate this feature, otherwise it will not be possible to chat with them. Therefore it is a function that will only be available in those businesses that have activated it expressly and that contemplate that possibility. In the next weeks or even days this function should arrive in the new update.


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