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Instagram: With This Feature You can send a post in many of your accounts at once

The largest social network introduced an important feature that can help us save a lot of time.

Current method of sending is a difficult, because it allow us to send the messages one by one from each one of the accounts. Well, that is now no longer a problem, because the instagram has now introduced a major improvement when it comes to sending a post in multiple accounts.

So you can create post in several accounts at once

The social network has introduced the new function in the iOS version of the app, so for now Android users should wait. As is logical, we must be updated to the latest version of Instagram to make this type of post in multiple accounts. Well, for this we just have to look at the bottom of the screen when we are going to send a new post. It will be in that place where we will now find the button to send it to several of our accounts at the same time, otherwise it will only be sent to the one that is active at that moment and from which we are publishing.

From this menu we can select the accounts that we are going to send the different post
Once inside that new function, we can select with switches of all the accounts that we have active to which we want to send that message. So that when we have chosen all we want and click on send, this post will be published automatically in all accounts at once, without having to enter them individually. Undoubtedly a great time saving for those who use compulsively or work this social network on a daily basis.

Instagram integrates Snapchat’s ephemeral messages in their private chats

Facebook started months ago a great offensive to compete against Snapchat on all fronts, these are Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. In all these apps we have seen novelties that have clearly been inspired by Snapchat, the messaging app that has had ephemeral messages as one of its main hallmarks. After the Stories, clear copy of the same function of Snapchat, now Instagram gives a return to its way of allowing users to send and receive ephemeral messages. Since the latest update has restructured Instagram Direct, the application’s tool to send direct messages.

Instagram ephemeral and permanent messages in the same place

The ephemeral messages had already arrived at Instagran a while ago, the main novelty of the Instagram Direct update is without doubt the possibility of being able to see in the same room both the messages that send us permanently and the ephemeral, in the purest style of Snapchat. Now this feature is much less confusing for users, and allows you to send and receive messages of the two types from the same room, and not in separate places as before.

As Instagram has detailed in his blog, the way to enjoy direct messages on Instagram is now much simpler. In fact we can enjoy them we can do the following:

-Lift to the left to enter the direct message room, from here we will now find a new blue camera icon in the lower left.

– Once pressed, we will go directly to the camera to send this ephemeral message, which will only be erased once it has been seen by the receiver of the message.

After sending these messages we can be aware of who has read or not our shipments. Without a doubt the main novelty is that now the new Instagram Direct allows everything to be done in the same place, so there is no need to differentiate between ephemeral or permanent messages. The new changes come with the version 10.16 of Instagram, which has been announced a few minutes ago by Instagram and that will gradually reach our phones in the coming hours.

It is once again another attempt by Facebook to hunt down Snapchat, or rather, the public of the Snap app that remains very true to its fresh interface.


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