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How to Switch on light bulbs at home from your mobile With Google Home or Echo

It is now simple and accessible to start enjoying a new smart home.

The connected home is now a reality, and this is because the products which allow us to enjoy it are more accessible than ever. The mobile or some of the new ones smart speakers that we have in the market. We will know quickly, because it is very simple, what we need for it, and what apps can manage the operation of these devices.

How to manage it from your mobile

The basic thing is to buy a compatible light bulb, which basically has Wifi connectivity, like this one, which also allows us to choose the color between no less than 16 million, with practically infinite shades. This EXTSUD E14 is not a well-known brand, but it works perfectly, I say it from experience and it is compatible with the main personal assistants. In this case, everything thanks to the Smart Life app with which it is compatible, which independently of Google Assistant or Alexa allows us to control the on, off and colors of the bulb from the application. You just have to create an account, and start controlling the bulb.

Google Assistant

Now, if you have an Android phone, you can turn on and off the bulb from the assistant on the mobile. To do this, you must add the bulb as one more device through the Google Home app, linking the account in this case of Smart Life, or the one compatible with the bulb.

Google Home

Once configured by adding the new device, you will only have to tell the mobile “Ok Google, turn on the lamp” or the name with which you have named it in the app. The same thing will happen with the Google Home smart speaker, since once this device has been configured, it will also work with the same voice commands.

Amazon Echo

This bulb, and many others that we find with the logo of compatibility with Google Home or Alexa, can also be controlled through the intelligent speaker of Amazon. To do this, we must enter the Alexa app, and in the “Digital Home” section to start the lamp. Here we will see the add device button, once done, we will have to link the Smart Life account or the app that is compatible with the lamp. From here, we can control the operation of the bulb with the voice, we can even change the color, saying “Alexa lights the red lamp” and even control the intensity, with “Alexa, put the brightness of the lamp to the maximum “Or” Alexa, put the brightness of the lamp at 35%.

Amazon Alexa

Without a doubt an excellent way to start in the world of home automation, either from the mobile or from an intelligent speaker.

Amazon Echo

It is the main intelligent speaker that arrives in Spain, the traditional Echo, and that arrives with its characteristic spherical design covered with fabric. Basically it is an intelligent loudspeaker, which we can invoke either by calling it Alexa or with another word of our choice. Through the skills we can access dozens of additional content and functions, these are like a kind of apps for the speaker and are downloaded through the Amazon Alexa app. It has seven microphones, so it can detect what we say from any direction. It arrives in Spain at a price of 99.99 euros in light gray and anthracite. In promotion for € 59.99.

Amazon Echo Dot

It is a very compact version of Amazon Echo, with a much smaller size, ideal to put it on the bedside table, for example, or on a desk. It arrives with integrated Alexa, minijack output and bluetooth connectivity for 59.99 euros. In promotion for € 35.99.

This is a subwoffer that complements the Amazon Echo to improve its overall sound. It is only useful if we pair it with one of the Echo, thus reinforcing the bass. It comes in black at a price of 129.99 euros.

Amazon Echo Plus

The solution with more complete Alexa, with a larger size, is taller and wider than the standard Echo. We can connect to this device all home automation, with products from manufacturers as well known as Philips, Ikea, Netamo, Tado and dozens of other home automation connectivity standards. Its price is 149.99 euros and comes in black and white colors. In promotion for 89.99 euros.

Amazon Echo Spot

This has a round shape, and integrates a touch screen in which we can complement Alexa with an interesting interface. Through it we can make video calls, since it has a video camera, being in the future compatible with Skype. It is a device that offers extra features based on your screen. It comes in black and white colors for 129.99 euros. In promotion for € 77.99.

Finally there is also an accessory with integrated Alexa that turns any device into intelligent, as if it were an Echo speaker, and also connected as in the case of the speakers. It comes at a price of 29.99 euros.


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