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How to record phone calls with the mobile (for legal purposes)

We will explain you how you can automatically record all incoming and outgoing calls with your mobile.

Our Smartphone can do everything that we need, it is a real pocket computer. We can also record the calls that we make, or the call that we receive. And all this thanks to dozens of apps that can record them. Today we look at one that also does it automatically, so you do not have to be aware of the beginning of the call to give a button to record the conversation. Not at all, the app that we are talking about today and that we can find in the Play Store is called Automatic Call Recorder – callBOX, its name already says everything about its operation.


Always record within the legality

This app records all outgoing and incoming calls from our mobile phone. And the best part is that it does it automatically without you having to do anything at all.

Record calls

This app records calls automatically
The mobile records indiscriminately with this app, so it will not distinguish one contact or another, although of course, we can always activate the manual use of the app so that it only records when we want. Now, although it is very easy to record conversations with the mobile phone, we must always bear in mind that it must be done within the law and for lawful purposes. If you have any doubts, you should inform yourself of the extent to which it is legal to record a telephone call in our country without the other interlocutor knowing.

This setting is key for your mobile to consume less battery

The mobile battery and its duration is one of the main concerns of smartphone users, who seek day after day the way to consume as little as possible so that it lasts all day. Now Google has confirmed a condition that we all took for granted, that the dark modes of the applications achieve tangible energy savings. As you know, the dark mode has been implemented in many apps and operating systems to protect low-light environments in our view, and avoid getting tired. But it shows that it is an excellent remedy to spend less battery at a certain time.

It shows more in mobile phones with AMOLED screen

These are things that were already public domain until now, but Google has had to confirm to give it the credibility it deserves. Yes, your phone will spend less battery with a dark mode activated, and more if the screen is AMOLED. This makes special sense if we take into account that the AMOLED screens turn on and off the pixels individually, so in a dark mode not many pixels are lit and therefore the power consumption is lower. It does not happen so much in the LCD panels, which are constantly illuminating the whole screen, since it is backlit, although it is also noticeable.

Dark mode

Here, the difference in consumption between the AMOLED and LCD screens is demonstrated
All this is revealed in a conference to developers by Google, which has explained in detail how a dark mode is able to consume less battery than a usual interface. As such, the dark mode in Android, in the operating system does not exist, but different apps are integrating it. But here we tell you how to activate the dark mode on your Android phone to save battery. As we say, especially if your phone has an AMOLED or OLED screen.

It is clear that if Google reveals the benefits of dark modes to developers, it is for them to implement them more and more in the different apps available for our phones. Something that is becoming more common, but that would have to be much more widespread, taking into account the benefits they bring to our terminal. In short, something that was already in the public domain and has come to endorse Google developers.


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