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How to install any Windows update without an Internet connection

Every month, Microsoft publishes a series of updates for its Windows operating systems and other products with which to improve security and correct all kinds of problems and errors that may harm users. Therefore, it is very important to always keep the systems fully updated, however, there are some users who, for various reasons (a computer without Internet connection, a very low speed, etc.) can not enjoy these updates having to ignore them or, At least, resort to other techniques to install them without depending on an Internet connection.

Normally, Windows updates are automatically downloaded to computers when they connect to the Internet through Windows Update, however, there are some computers that can not connect to the Internet or have a speed too low to download without problems patch of about 1 GB, so many times these computers are not updated.

Therefore, below, we will explain how to properly use the Microsoft Update Catalog to be able to manually download the updates that we want and install them on any computer without the need of an Internet connection.

Download Windows updates to install them offline from the Microsoft Update Catalog

To download these updates, the first thing to do is access the next link.The first thing we will see will be a simple web page with a search box like the following one.

The ideal way to use this page is to search directly for the name of the update, for example, the cumulative patch KB4016637 of Windows 10, since we will see only the results that appear on the web page and we can find and download the update quickly.

If we click on the name of the update we can see a summary with all that this patch provides, as well as the systems in which we can install it.

To download the update, simply click on “Download” and we will click on the link that appears for us to start the download.

We wait for the download to finish and that’s it. Once we have it on our computer we can use it to update any computer without the need of an Internet connection, for example, taking it on a USB stick since, when executing it, it will analyze our system and, if it is compatible, it will apply all the changes in it .

How to use the Microsoft Update Catalog if we do not know the specific patch

As we have said, the best way to use this platform is directly by the name of the update since, otherwise, we will find absolutely all the operating system updates, and we can have problems trying to find the one we want.

For example, we can easily find all the updates of Windows 7, Windows 10 and even Windows XP by simply looking for that operating system in the search engine of the platform and we will see all the patches without a logical order as we can see below.

Therefore, if we want to easily find the newest patches for that operating system, we simply click on “Last update” so that the web orders them from newer to older, thus appearing the first the last published patches.

Once you have found the patch you want, the process is the same, click on “Download” and on the link that appears to download the patch to your computer and install it on any other computer without the need of an Internet connection.

As we can see, a very simple way to download Windows updates to install later on any computer even without Internet. In addition, if we use Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, download the latest cumulative updates we can update the system 100% without having to install all the patches published to date.



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