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How to delete the “SoftwareDistribution” folder to solve Windows Update problems in Windows 10

Although Windows updates usually reach all users without problems, from time to time some computers stop receiving them for no apparent reason or, even if they download, they fail to install. The reasons why this can happen are very varied, although one of the most common is a problem in thefolder “SoftwareDistribution” used by Microsoft to store the files of these updates.

When Window Update downloads an update, all temporary files are stored inside this folder. In general, theservice WUAgent is responsible for managing this folder and leaving it free when the Windows patches are finished, however, sometimes this folder is not varied correctly, giving rise to numerous problems and errors when trying to download and install Windows updates.

These problems can be solved alone with the passage of time, or maybe not, so, then, we will explain how we can manually empty this folder to try to solve problems with Windows Update.

How to clean the folder “SoftwareDistribution” in Windows 10

As we have said, this folder is usually controlled by the WUAgent service so that, if we try to modify it, it will not let us . Therefore, the first thing we must do to be able to modify it is to completely stop Windows Update. To do this, we will open a CMD window with administrator permissions and execute the following commands in it:

  • net stop wuauserv
  • net stop bits

Once both services are stopped, the next step will be to go to the folder “C: \ Windows \ SoftwareDistribution” from our file explorer and delete all the files that we find in it.

If for some reason we still can not delete these files, we must restart our computer (if it is in better fail-safe mode) and try again to disable Windows Update and delete the files.

Once the files are deleted, the problems should have disappeared. Now, we simply reopen a CMD window with administrator permissions and execute the following commands to start Windows Update and WUAgent.

  • net start wuauserv
  • net start bits

Windows 10 will take over control of the folder and create the necessary files to run the Windows 10 updates.

If we want, we can also change the name to this folder instead of deleting all its content. To do this, once the two Windows Update services are stopped, we will simply type in the CMD window:

  • rename% windir% \ SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.bak

Then, we start the two services again and WUAgent will re-create the folder and download everything necessary for it to work normally.

The only thing we have to keep in mind is that, by doing this, we will lose the history of updates installed in our operating system since they are stored in these files. In any case, the new updates installed on our Windows 10 system will continue to be registered without problems.


How to disable the download of drivers through Windows Update in Windows 10 Creators Update

Windows wants to simplify the use of the operating system as much as possible for all users, both those with advanced computer skills and those who do not control as much. Therefore, with the launch of Windows 10, one of the most simplified aspects was the download of updates.

In the first versions of Windows 10, Windows Update downloaded and installed absolutely everything automatically, not giving users control over these updates and, in many cases, causing problems and, above all, unexpected reboots. In future versions of the operating system, especially with the Anniversary Update, many of the functions of Windows Update were restored, although there were still some, such as the possibility of blocking the download of drivers for the operating system that has caused so many problems in the past.

From now on, with Windows 10 Creators Update, it is possible to deactivate the option of automatic download of drivers for Windows 10 so that this task depends on us and, if we do not have problems and do not need latest versions (for example, to play) , we do not have to worry about it.

To deactivate this function, all we have to do is open the Windows 10 Creators Update configuration menu and navigate to the Update and security> Windows Update route.

Here we will see, as always, the Windows updater. In order to disable the automatic update of drivers, we must go to the “Advanced options” section to be able to choose the elements that we want Windows Update to update.

To avoid downloading drivers in Windows 10 Creators Update, all we have to do is uncheck the option “Include driver updates when updating Windows” and, automatically, from that moment we will stop receiving driver updates through Windows Update.

If, for example, we want other programs to be updated in addition to Windows, such as Microsoft Office, we must check the option “Offer updates for other Microsoft products when you update Windows” so that Windows Update can easily manage the entire Microsoft ecosystem, although this function is already present in the operating system.



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