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Explorer ++: know this excellent and complete alternative to the Windows File Explorer 10

The Windows file explorer is one of the oldest operating system applications. The main purpose of this application is to allow us to browse all the files and folders of our computer and interact with these files. As Windows has evolved, the browser has been receiving some changes and improvements, although the truth is that there are many features, very requested by users, that Microsoft does not finish implementing, such as navigation in columns or tabs. Fortunately, there are very complete alternatives, and also bring us these requested features, as is the case of Explorer ++.

Explorer ++ is a simple file browser for Windows, very light and portable, which adopts the simple interface of the original Microsoft browser but implements a series of functions and features to make it much more useful and intuitive, especially to work with two or more directories both.

Some of the main features offered by Explorer ++ are:

  • It has navigation in tabs, which saves us having to open many windows to navigate through several directories.
  • Keyboard shortcuts very easy to remember to make navigation more intuitive.
  • It has a section that shows us a preview of the files that we select.
  • Fully customizable interface.
  • It allows you to drag and drop files, both to other applications and to the classic Windows File Explorer.
  • Advanced file operations, such as the possibility of dividing them into smaller parts.
  • It allows to change the properties and attributes of the files.
  • Search function with filters and many attributes.
  • Several views for the files: icons, list, details, thumbnails, etc.

We can also find features such as the possibility of creating a list of “bookmarks” with the directories we visit more often, as well as a large number of options that will allow us to adapt the program to our needs.

How to download and use Explorer ++ in Windows 10

In order to use this application, the first thing to do is download it from your main web page. As we have said, the application is completely portable, so we can use it without having to install anything on our computer, simply by decompressing the application and executing it on our PC.

As we can see, the appearance is not very different from the classic Windows 10 browser, although we do notice that it is more complete and has more buttons and functions than this one. The first thing that will catch our attention is the possibility of working with several folders thanks to the tabs.

To open a new tab, simply double click on the tab bar and a new one will automatically open. To close it will suffice on the X that appears to the right of this bar.

The search engine of Windows 10 also leaves a lot to be desired, especially if we want to search for files with extensions or specific names. Thanks to the file finder included in Explorer ++ we will be able to find files much more easily. This tool can be removed by pressing Control + F, or from the menu Tools at the top. Within Tools we will also have the customization options and the general options of the program.

As we can see, Explorer ++ is an excellent alternative to Windows 10 File Explorer, a totally free alternative with a lot of improvements and new features that we do not explain how, at this point, Microsoft does not offer them.

If you feel nostalgic, in early February 2019 Microsoft brought the Windows 3.0 file browser for Windows 10 that, although it has fewer features than the official modern browser, is a great call for nostalgia. We wonder if more classic applications will come to Windows 10 in the future.



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