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9 new Android apps of the last weeks

Is there anything better than starting 2018 with a good round of recently launched apps? I think not. Every day more and more applications for Android, but not all have the same quality or all are equally useful or fun. Therefore, in Andro4all we have compiled some of the best apps published on Google Play these weeks so you do not have to stop looking for them yourself.

There is a little bit of everything, and I’m sure you’ll find some that you like and end up using every day. Without further delay, we go with this little compilation. And before you ask, yes, each and every one of them is free!

Best new apps on Google Play


Haven is the Edward Snowden’s new app, and is able to turn your Android mobile into a complete surveillance suite. Taking advantage of the information obtained from the sensors, is able to recognize in what situation your smartphone is to “prevent the worst kind of people from silencing citizens without being caught in the act”. It’s free, safe and worth a look.

Download Haven

HQ trivia

We continue with one of the most popular games on iOS that, finally, has reached Android: HQ Trivia. It is a game on the purest TV show style in which it is possible to win real money as long as you are able to correctly answer the questions that the presenter throws at us. If you consider yourself a smart person and want to try your luck, I invite you to download it and take a look.

Download HQ Trivia

Favorites Lock Screen

Favorites Lock Screen is an application recently launched by Microsoft that basically replaces the lock screen of your Android mobile with a smarter one that shows information on topics that interest you, such as sports, technology, etc. It’s free and it works really well, check it out.

Download Favorites Lock Screen


Spot On may sound, because it has become really popular on Google Play. Spot On is an alarm application that is able to wake you up with your favorite Spotify lists. Like all the apps in this compilation, it’s free and works really well. It deserves you to try it for a while, because waking up with a little bit of jazz is wonderful (I tell you from experience).

Download Spot One

UC Browser Mini for Android Go

Android Go is petando. The new operating system from Google promises to revolutionize the low-end market, and it is therefore a good idea to recommend an application for this OS. UC Browser Mini is a reduction of the famous Alibaba browser focused on Android Go. It works well and has everything you need on your Android, so maybe you’re interested in trying it out. It just consumes resources!

Download UC Browser Mini

Record Bird

If you are passionate about music and do not like to miss even a single release of your favorite artists, Record Bird is the application you were looking for. With it you will know what albums or songs your favorite groups or singers have taken and import everything directly to Spotify or Soundcloud. Free, recommended and very useful

Download Record Bird


Essential if you do not want to forget to do something in your apps and social networks. For example, imagine that they send you a tweet but you are working and you are not available to read it and answer it. Simply share it with Remindee, put the date and time you want to remember and ready, the app will warn you that you must read and answer such a tweet, upload this or that photo or watch this or that video. Very useful, without a doubt!

Download Remindee

Shut Up

The typical application that every person who loves to have the phone in silence must have. With Shut Up you can prevent your mobile fromyou the stick by givingputting it in silence directly from the notifications or with a direct access on the home screen / desktop. It works very well and if you do not have access to the ‘Do not disturb’ mode on your Android you will love it.

Download Shut Up

Timely Cleaner: WhatsApp Scheduled Cleaning

And we come to the end with an application that every user of WhatsApp should have. This is Timely Cleaner, an app that erases every X time the files of a certain category (videos, photos, GIFs …) sent and received by WhatsApp. It is an essential application for people whose phones have little memory or who are simply obsessed with the order of a server.


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